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Future Goals

Originally published in UMAGE newspaper issue 02

A year ago, we delved into UMAGE's sustainability journey and the various steps to become a more responsible and environmentally friendly company. A year later, we reconnect with UMAGE's CSR Coordinator, Mikkel Boe Petersen and revisit UMAGE's sustainability journey to uncover the progress they've made, the challenges they've faced, and the new milestones on their path to becoming a leader in sustainable design. What new strategies have they employed, and how close are they to achieving their ambitious goals? Join us for a quick catch-up as we delve deeper into UMAGE's inspiring commitment to a sustainable future.

The Progress

Last year, Mikkel Boe Petersen emphasised that due to the complexity of sustainability, UMAGE decided to hire an external consultant to help outline and analyse the next steps for UMAGE towards a green transition. "The project with the external consultant concluded in March 2023, and its findings have truly set the stage for our current sustainability work," Mikkel begins. "We've shifted our focus towards a detailed mapping of our sustainability efforts and exploring various options for a green transition. At this time last year, we decided to take a step back regarding the calculation of CO2e emissions for our products. However, during the last year, the wish to map this has persisted, and we now feel like we're ready to dive into this, which is why we've started a collaboration with Målbar."

Mikkel explains that partnering with Målbar will help UMAGE achieve a comprehensive understanding of their CO2e emissions. "The Life Cycle Assessment calculations will provide insights into our Scope 3 emissions, which cover indirect emissions from our supply chain and product lifecycle. This data is crucial for making informed decisions going forward."

Reflecting on last year's progress in mapping UMAGE's activities, Mikkel notes, "I'm happy to report that we're making significant strides in this area. It's a complex task, but we're steadily moving forward." He also shares an update on UMAGE's goal of achieving B Corp certification: "We are still fully committed to becoming B Corp certified. Although we haven't started the application process yet, we are preparing thoroughly for the rigorous approval process and aim to submit our application by the end of this year."

The Path Forward

Looking ahead, Mikkel is optimistic but acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. He mentions how a critical aspect of UMAGE's sustainability journey is ensuring the engagement of all employees and stakeholders. However, transparency and communication are the best way forward; Mikkel states: "We strive to keep everyone involved through transparent communication and by highlighting the importance of sustainability in our everyday work."

As UMAGE continues to navigate the complexities of sustainability, their commitment to transparency, honesty, and continuous improvement remains at the forefront of their mission. "Our next steps include further integrating sustainability into our business model, overcoming the challenges of accurate CO2e reporting, and continuing our journey towards B Corp certification. It's an ongoing effort, but one that we are fully dedicated to," Mikkel Boe Pedersen concludes.