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Eos Esther Lampshade

The name Eos originates from Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, referencing how the lampshade looks like clouds in the sky. Esther is available... 
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"Esther is the name of my youngest daughter and the shape reminds me of clouds in the sky – if you only could reach out and fly through them"

Technical Details


Easily cleaned with hairdryer


This lampshade can be used as a floor-, table- and pendant lamp.

Light Source

E26 / E27 - max 15W LED (not included)

Bulb recommendations

Flip 180°

This product can be flipped 180°, to change the direction of light and visual expression


Fading can be caused by direct sun exposure

Assembly time

5 min Assembly video


Esther mini H: 16 W: 52 D: 44 cm
Esther medium: H: 22 W: 66 D: 52 cm
Esther large: H: 24 W: 79 D: 64 cm


Esther mini: 0.40 kg
Esther medium: 0.62 kg
Esther large: 1.0 kg


Esther mini: Approx. 1330 goose feathers, textile and steel
Esther medium: Approx. 2790 goose feathers, textile and steel
Esther large: Approx. 4860 goose feathers, textile and steel

Markings, Tests & Certifications

RDS Standard

Additional information

Pendant, floor and table lampshade
Compatible with E26 / E27

Technical drawing of Eos Esther | Lampshade

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